Call for Tutorial Proposals

ACM ICMR 2022 will feature free tutorials on the TBD day of the conference addressing the broad interests of the multimedia retrieval community.

Tutorials aim to provide a comprehensive overview of specific topics in multimedia retrieval. The topic covered should be of sufficient relevance with respect to the state-of-the-art and the tutorial should be educational rather than a cursory survey of techniques; hands-on tutorials are highly encouraged. The audience for ACM ICMR tutorials consists primarily of graduate students in multimedia retrieval. Although most tutorials are half-day offerings, we also invite proposals for full-day courses provided that the topic merits the additional time and can be anticipated to generate sufficient interest from our community.

The proposed tutorial should be linked to the ACM ICMR 2022 topics included in the general call for papers:

  • Multimedia content-based search and retrieval;
  • Multimedia-content-based (or hybrid) recommender systems;
  • Large-scale and web-scale multimedia retrieval;
  • Multimedia content extraction, analysis, and indexing;
  • Multimedia analytics and knowledge discovery;
  • Multimedia machine learning, deep learning, and neural nets;
  • Relevance feedback, active learning, and transfer learning;
  • Zero-shot learning and fine-grained retrieval for multimedia;
  • Event-based indexing and multimedia understanding;
  • Semantic descriptors and novel high- or mid-level features;
  • Crowdsourcing, community contributions, and social multimedia;
  • Multimedia retrieval leveraging quality, production cues, style, framing, affect;
  • Narrative generation and narrative analysis;
  • User intent and human perception in multimedia retrieval;
  • Query processing and relevance feedback;
  • Multimedia browsing, summarization, and visualization;
  • Multimedia beyond video, including 3D data and sensor data;
  • Mobile multimedia browsing and search;
  • Multimedia analysis/search acceleration, e.g., GPU, FPGA;
  • Benchmarks and evaluation methodologies for multimedia analysis/search;
  • Applications of multimedia retrieval, e.g., medicine, sports, commerce, lifelogs, travel, security, environment.

Accepted tutorials will be entitled to a speaker registration fee waiver at the conference.

Important Dates

  • Tutorial Proposal Due: February 17, 2022
  • Notification of Acceptance: February 28, 2022
  • Tutorial Overview Abstract (2 pages) Due: TBD
  • Tutorials Day: TBD

Submission Instructions

Proposals should be submitted by email to the Tutorials Chairs, either in plain-text or PDF format. Please include the following information:

  • Tutorial title;
  • Proposers' names, titles, affiliations, and primary contact emails;
  • Short bio for each organizer;
  • Preference for half- or full-day event;
  • Tutorial description that includes topics that will be covered, along with a brief outline and significant details;
  • Pointers to relevant publications by organizers and relevant related work;
  • Planned materials (if any) to be distributed to attendees.

For each accepted tutorial, a 2 pages tutorial overview abstract should be provided. The abstract is going to be included in the ACM ICMR proceedings. The submission of the abstract should be carried out using the ACM ICMR submission system. See the Paper submission section.


For any questions regarding tutorial submissions, please email the Tutorials Chairs:

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